History & Name origin of Paleokastritsa

There is few written history and rumors about a Byzantine settlement located between Alipa & Saint Spyridon bays, about 10 decades ago. Theotokos MonasteryThe date of establishment is not known. Liapades HistoryThis Byzantine settlement was quite big and its community was prosperous. At that time the area was called Paleopoli and used to have four small churches, from which the ruins of the two still exist today.

The name of Paleokastritsa (old castle) indicates the existence of an old Castle which was probably built on the hillside where the Monastery of Theotokos stands. The main scenario is that the name was firstly given to the Monastery and after to the entire area. This is probably the reason why they named the area Paleokastritsa. The name was given to the municipality of Paleokastritsa lately and covers all the around area.

The stony boat of Odysseus (Kolovri)

According to the Greek Mythology, the rock of Kolovri is Odysseus ship turned to stone by the God of the sea Poseidon on its return from Ithaca.Liapades History Also there is another legend saying that the ship of an Algerian corsair who was sailing in to loot the monastery was turned to stone in answer to the Abbot’s prayers.

This small rock is located southeaster ward and can be clearly seen from the hill where Theotokos Monastery stands & from Lakones village.