Paleokastritsa information

Paleokastritsa is located on the northwest coast of Corfu, 25 km from the I.Kapodistrias airport as well as from Corfu town. The resort is hilly and nestles beneath the folds of steep verdant slopes of olive groves and citrus orchards.

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Paleokastritsa resort

Paleokastritsa has long been considered one of the most beautiful resorts in Corfu and is a renowned Greek beauty spot. There is all the kind of services, restaurants, super-markets, cafes, shops, small bars, covering all the needs for the in depended traveler.

The resort also offers a lot of accommodation options for families and couples in a wide range of prices.The visitor has a number of options depending form the price & the offered facilities. Most apartments in Paleokastritsa are self-catering and can offer accommodation up to 4 persons. (See apartments»»)

Theotokos Monastery

At the northern most promontory (Agios Spyridon) lies the 12th century monastery of Theotokos. theotokos_monasteryThe Monastery stands on a sheer hillside full of wild trees and olive trees facing the deep blue sea. In one of the cells in the monastery, a museum has been founded where holy and precious relics of the monastery are housed. Magnificent views are obtained from both the monastery and the hills above, particularly from the village of Lakones. (See Monastery »»)

Paleokastritsa beaches

Agios Spyridon is, the most famous beach in Paleokastritsa, the most crowdie of all, the biggest, and for some the most beautiful one.agios spyridon beach paleokastritsa

At the right corner of the beach there is the center of the taxi boats in Paleokastritsa and at the back there is a big parking area. At the left side of the beach it is more quite and relaxed where you can also find some excellent spots for food & Drinks. Agios Spyridon is also the only beach in Paleokastritsa covered only by sand.

Paleokastritsa is chiefly memorable for the exceptional scenery along with the superb beaches. The cool crystal waters are ideal for swimming and water sports. On most of the beaches there are taxi boats, sun beds, umbrellas, motor boats, and canoes for rent. It is well worth to visit all the beaches (About 15, most reached only by boat) in the around area by boat and see also the famous Paleokastritsa caves. For the really active, the rocks, the caves and the crystal water provide great points for diving. Paleokastritsa enjoys a spectacular setting on six (6) small-enclosed bays with crystal turquoise water. (See Paleoastritsa beaches »»)

There is also an organized port (Alipa Port) for sailboats & speedboats where you can rent you boat to explre the beauties of Paleokastritsa οr rent an anchor for your own boat.

Corfu Island

Being the most green of the of the Greek islands, Corfu has three million olive trees, flower-strewn countryside and Adriatic-style villages. Corfu Island offers splendid coastal scenery and some excellent secluded beaches. The island includes many interesting places to explore & many sights to see according to Corfu great history. Corfu island

Corfu offers splendid coastal scenery and some excellent secluded beaches. On this cosmopolitan island, you’ll be able to combine relaxation with good times and a full nightlife. Corfu is an international tourist centre which can satisfy the demands of the most difficult visitors.

Enjoy a great holiday in Paleokastritsa!