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Liapades village is situated on the west coast of Corfu in Greece, 20 km from Corfu town, at the northern end of an area Liapades Panoramiccalled “The Ropa Valley” and above the bay of Liapades beach. Liapades is a beautiful traditional Greek village of about 1000 residents, with a great beach, which has not been affected by tourist development.

The whole tourist area is centered on an extensive area around the beach of Liapades just 800 meters from the center of the village. There are restaurants/tavernas, super-markets, cafes, shops and all kinds of services which will cover all the needs for the in depended traveler.

Being one of the nicest and traditional villages of Corfu, Liapades offer authentic Greek holidays. Liapades has a typical Ionian architecture and there is definitely a village feel about this place. You will even see donkeys heavily loaded with hay around the roads of Liapades. The whole area around the village is a maze of small roads, tracks, trails and ancient donkey paths. Some walks pass through clearings high above the coastline with fantastic unspoilt views over the various bays. Tracks and trails can lead the walker down to small secluded, mostly stony beaches where most visitors arrive by boat.

The residents of Liapades will welcome you and make Liapades Villageyou feel like home following the traditional Greek hospitality. On the central square you can experience the Greek way of life on the traditional small cafes and bars. At the center of the suqare lies a big tall tree which will cool you up on the warm days of the summer. At the same place one can enjoy the sight of the beautiful St. Anastasia church which was built around 1600- 1630 AC and has been fully restored to its original state. It is well worth visiting the church and watch its excellent painted ceiling and icons.

Liapades beach, with its blue crystal water, is surrounded by green hillsides creating a unique scenery. The beach is about 100m long, covered with sand (mostly) and shingle, with taxi boats, sun beds, umbrellas, motor boats, and canoes for rent. There are about 15 hidden small beaches to be explored. Some of them can be reached only by boat while others by foot as well. (See walking guide) There are organized boat trips covering most of these hidden beaches as well as the famous small caves of Paleokastritra.

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